Transit One : Unique Project, Unique Offers…!

The Big Real estate boom of over the past 1-2 decades in Mangaluru has seen many Up’s & downs. Many real estate developers and investors have flocked in from all over the world to cash in on the upsurge. Read More.

Transit One – Heralding Highway Mall Culture In Mangaluru

Consumerism has fueled India’s economic growth to a great extent in the last few decades and malls have played a key role heralding this consumer culture. With this India’s mall space has hit new dimensions to suit the changing needs. Read More.

Transit One: Affordable Investment, now a 'Reality'

An Investment in Goodness they say never fails. Making the right choice is crucial, when it comes to putting in your hard-earned money in hope for a brighter tomorrow.Read More.

Transit One: Hitting the Ground running with Determination

By Jyothi | March 10: After the glittering launch ceremony held on November 20th, Ecologic Habitats has within a month hit ground with the construction works of the widely talked about commercial real-estate sensation ‘Transit One’, A theme based mall on the NH-66, Read More.

Glittering Ceremony marks Foundation Stone Laying of Transit One Mall

By Jyothi | Nov 21 2015: The foundation stone laying ceremony of the first of the series of theme-based malls-“Transit One” mall at Tokkuttu, an initiative by Ecologic Habitats was held on Friday, 20 November... Read More.

Transit One: Revolutionizing the Off Road Shopping Experience in Mangaluru

By Joseph Pereira | Oct 14 2015:“It’s about the Journey not the Destination”- Your journey now on NH 66 is not going to be the same anymore. Read More.

Transit One: Heralding the concept of theme-based malls in Mangaluru

By Jyothi | Sept 5 2015: Whether we like it or not malls have become more of a norm than an exception in India. The only visible change is that from big multilevel malls the focus is slowly shifting towards smaller and theme based malls, which no doubt is a welcome development. Read More.